Terms of Use

Downloading content of our site you agree with:

  1. You can not reupload the content: Don't reupload a Custom Content made by me and post it in your site or blog. Just publish the image or the credits and link me! :)
  2. You can not claim as yours: I spend a lot of time creating, so, even if you modify, you need to give the credits, right? ;)
  3. You can retexture or modify hairs only for personal use, or post it, as long as you give the credit putting the original link of the Custom Content;
  4. You can not make a "pack" or "collection" or Mod folders or whatever with our content. Even if you give the credit or ask permission, is not allowed;
  5. Don't fix bugs of my content: Don't worry! Just contact me or post a comment and I'll fix it!