Poker Face Hair


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10 comentários:

  1. david can you please make this hair without the bangs? that would be really awesome:)

    1. I think this hair looks like this one without bangs:


    2. hey there, i didn't know how else to contact you, hope you see it here, maybe i'm just too new to blogspot/too blind to find an email address haha

      love your hair conversions
      i made a retexture of your Hush Baby conversion [i know many love high shine hair, but i'm more for silky textures]
      and wanted to ask if you'd be okay with me uploading it, with proper credits of course,
      if not i'm just gonna privately use it in my game :)
      have a nice day!

    3. Am never going to download from u STEALER! U stoll nightCrawlers hairs!!!! NEVER GOING TO DOWNLOAD FROM U AGAIN! :P

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