Princess Hair


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  1. Hello! I'm hoping you are checking up on the comments here so I have a question about the Newsea Holic hair you converted. Is there any way you can make it for a man as well? Its literally the perfect hair for one of my characters! Thanks you so much!

  2. Hiya. Just wanted to let you know that now has these LOVELY "FBI alert" computer ransom virus pages loading after the 5 second wait instead of your download links, so maybe you could try or something? Because ALL OF YOUR CONTENT IS CURRENTLY INACCESSIBLE due to the use of links. Your CC looks lovely though.

  3. Hi! i wanted to let you know that your places where you go to download, has these random viruses? did you know about this? if you do know, please do something about it. im not trying to get a virus on my computer thank you very much.